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Dredging Events/Status

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  Event NameEvent TypeProp. Depth (ft, MLLW)Over Depth (ft)Prop. Vol. (cy)Prop. YearActual Vol. (bin, cy)Comments 
2015 Corinthian Yacht Club (CYC) Maint 8.01.024,167201524,167 2,064 cy new material 22,103 cy not dredged in 2014 -8 to -12 ft. MLLW + 1 ft. overdepth 2,064 cy new materia...
2014 Corinthian Yacht Club (CYC) Maint 8.01.022,10320140 didn't dredge in 2014 didn't dredge in 201...
2006 Corinthian Yacht Club Maint 12.01.0 200619,940 Suit: Tier1; Dredge Authorization - 24,500 - 07/18/06 Suit: Tier1; Dredge ...
2005 Corinthian Yacht Club Maint 12.01.049,00020053,845 Suit: Tier 1 denial for 12,000cy, disposal site unspecified; Dredge Authorization - 11,100cy - 08/10/05 Suit: Tier 1 denial ...

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Corinthian Yacht Club of San Francisco
43 Main St
Central San Francisco Bay