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Project documents that have been submitted to DMMO appear in the list below.  Each document may be viewed or downloaded by clicking on it.

Documents that have been approved by DMMO have a "certificate" icon in the Status column.  Projects not yet approved by DMMO may be drafts or otherwise subject to change, and should be viewed with caution.


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 TitleEvent NameTypeFor ConsiderationStatusDocument DateUploader
IMTT Post-Dredge memo 2019 IMTT WharfSuitDeterm Yes 2019-10-01 unknown
Results of Chemical Testing of Post-Dredge Sediment Samples from the IMTT Wharf 2019 IMTT WharfSAR Yes 2019-08-29 unknown
IMTT Post-Dredge SAP 2019 IMTT WharfSAP Yes 2019-07-09 unknown
Tier I Dredged Material Evaluation: IMTT Wharf (Updated) 2019 IMTT WharfTier1 Yes 2019-05-22 unknown
IMTT Wharf, Richmond SAR 2014 2014 IMTT WharfSAR No 2014-09-17 [email protected]
IMTT Wharf, Richmond SAP 2014 2014 IMTT WharfSAP No 2014-07-30 unknown