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Project documents that have been submitted to DMMO appear in the list below.  Each document may be viewed or downloaded by clicking on it.

Documents that have been approved by DMMO have a "certificate" icon in the Status column.  Projects not yet approved by DMMO may be drafts or otherwise subject to change, and should be viewed with caution.


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 TitleEvent NameTypeFor ConsiderationStatusDocument DateUploader
Emeryville Marina BCDC Permit Amend. 5 Dec 2008 2008 Emeryville MarinaPermit No 2008-12-04 PLM
Emeryville Marina Dredge Authorization 2008 Oct 2008 Emeryville MarinaDredgeAuth No 2008-10-22 PLM
City of Emeryville BDCD Permit Oct 2008 2008 Emeryville MarinaPermit No 2008-10-22 shelahs
Emeryville Marina SAR 2008 Sep 2008 Emeryville MarinaSAR No 2008-09-01 PLM
Emeryville Marina Application 2008 Jul 2008 Emeryville MarinaApplication No 2008-07-17 PLM
Emeryville Marina BCDC Permit 2004 Sep 2004 Emeryville MarinaPermit No 2004-09-03 PLM
Emeryville Marina Dredge Authorization 2003 Oct 2003 Emeryville MarinaDredgeAuth No 2003-10-16 PLM
Emeryville Marina USACE Permit 2003 Oct 2003 Emeryville MarinaPermit No 2003-10-08 PLM
Emeryville Marina BCDC Permit 2003 Aug 2003 Emeryville MarinaPermit No 2003-08-11 PLM
Emeryville Marina Suitability Determination 2003 Aug 2003 Emeryville MarinaSuitDeterm No 2003-08-04 PLM
Emeryville Marina RWQCB Permit 2003 Jul 2003 Emeryville MarinaPermit No 2003-07-31 PLM
Emeryville Marina SAR 2003 Jul 2003 Emeryville MarinaSAR No 2003-07-01 PLM
Emeryville Marina SAP Approval 2003 May 2003 Emeryville MarinaSAPApprove No 2003-05-14 PLM
Emeryville Marina BCDC Permit 2003 Dec 2003 Emeryville MarinaPermit No 2002-12-23 PLM
Emeryville Marina Tier 1 request 2002 Dec 2003 Emeryville MarinaTier1 No 2002-12-18 PLM
Emeryville Marina Application 2002 Aug 2003 Emeryville MarinaApplication No 2002-08-01 PLM