DMMO Document Submission Naming Convention:

Naming Convention: The DMMO uses a standard naming convention. All document and data submissions should follow the naming convention as appropriate. All documents will be named with [Year]_[Agency/Entity]_[Facility]_[Document Type]_[Revised].

Year: Use current year.

Agency/Entity: Provide the name of the project proponent/permittee/applicant (e.g., city, marina, company name).

Facility: Provide the name of the facility where the proposed dredging will take place.

Document Type: Use acronym for the standard DMMO document type name: Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP), Sampling and Analysis Report (SAR), Tier I Request (Tier 1), Tier I Request with CC (Tier 1 CC). Note: Individual data templates have their own naming convention.

Revised: Add “R#” (where # is the number of the revision) to the end of the document name if you are uploading a revised version of a previously submitted document.


  • Use “2020_USACE_OaklandHarborFederalChannel_SAR” for a Sampling and Analysis Report (SAR) for the FY2020 dredging project at the federal Oakland Harbor Channel.
  • Use “2020_USACE_OaklandHarborFederalChannel_SAR_R1” if this SAR was revised for the first time.